• Hair Straightening System in Woollahra

    Qiqi is a pioneering haircare brand with the vision of leading in the growing global professional haircare industry. Specializing in developing result driven, sustainable and transformative solutions for hair problems that are proven to work.

    We are always dedicated to finding the best and newest products to assist with our customers needs. Introducing the QiQi in salon treatment. This is a beautiful hair straightening system that helps to tame your luscious curls into straight locks. Call our team today to enquire!

    Our Qiqi Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are the perfect post-treatment products to use after your treatment to maintain your hair after our QiQi in-salon treatment. 

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  • Coronavirus Announcement

    In light of the current situation . Please let us know if you are suffering from any respiratory illnesses / experiencing any flu like symptoms or are unwell and  please postpone / reschedule your appointment. 
    Thank you for your courtesy .  Blondies 

    • We also want you to know we have implemented staff wearing masks/gloves
    • At this current time due to recent outbreaks please wear a mask for your visit until further notice,  if you do not have a mask please ask we can provide one
    • Disposable hand towels for bathroom
    • Disposable drinking cups
    • Hand - sanitizer at working stations
    • Our staff are practicing social distancing at all times
    • No handshaking kissing or hugging
    • Regular hand washing practised
    • Upon arrival we ask all clients to thoroughly wash their hands with soap  and hot water provided or sanitise
    • If unwell staff would stay away from work
    • If any staff are experiencing sickness we would close immediately get tested and practise self isolation and inform clients immediately
    • If you have recently returned from overseas / Victoria or have been in contact with someone who is sick , we ask you postpone your appointment until after your self isolation period is over . If on the day of your appointment you feel unwell please stay at home , we can reschedule your appointment.
    • Each bench / basin is sterilised before and after each client
    • Hand sanitizer provided near eftpos facilities and on each station , we ask you to use it
    • We are limited to 2 clients in salon at any one time and are only using every second working station , practicing 1.5 metres distance between clients and 1 client per 4 m squared 

     Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these unprecedented times . Yours and our safety is paramount . 

    Thanks Blondies Hair 
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  • Chop Your Ponytail to Help Cancer Patients

    We work with Sustainable Salons Australia to utilise the hair we collect to it's maximum potential. Ponytails that we collect are donated to Variety – The Children’s Charity via Sustainable Salons Australia to be made into wigs for children with alopecia and cancer. 

    We recycle 95% of our waste through Sustainable Salons Australia. To find out more about Sustainable Salons Australia or to find a Sustainable Salon near you, visit their website.

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  • Blondies is a sustainable salon

    We'd like to announce that we have joined Sustainable Salons Australia. This resource recovery program is designed for the salon to achieve zero waste, reduce its carbon footprint, and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community.

    Your cut off hair will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean up projects, local community gardens and charitable wig making services;

    All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals such as foils, colour tubes, cans, etc will be donated to not for profit community based organisations that do a killer job helping humanity every day.
    Any leftover hair colour will be recycled into new liquids.

    Once our tools reach their end of life they will be broken down and all valuable parts will be repurposed

    Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Green Fee of just $2.00 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you.
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  • O&M's new colour range


    CCT™ is a revolutionary hair system that helps dispel the myths surrounding ammonia free hair color. CCT™ delivers clean, lustrous blondes, bright fashion shades and lasting, vibrant colors while completely covering gray. As a technical innovator, our formulating chemists look to remove harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits.

    By reducing their chemical dependence our breakthrough formulas put less stress on hair whilst ultimately improving the hair's condition. However, it's important to acknowledge that a chemical reaction must occur for hair color to be effective.

    We understand that the number one priority of any colorist is to deliver professional results to their valued clients time after time. All O&M products are developed with the critical input of practicing hairdressers. We understand that to be truly effective our formulas have to deliver in the real world - so once created they are rigorously salon tested to ensure that, while technically advanced, they are also easy to use.

    The world is changing and many of us are looking for more natural solutions. We're becoming chemically conscious and are increasingly concerned about the amounts of harsh chemicals used in everyday cosmetics and haircare products. Pregnancy, illness and skin sensitivity has also led many consumers to seek out products with a lower chemical compound.

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